Weber 12in BBQ Grill Brush


Weber 12in BBQ Grill Brush

The Weber 12in BBQ Grill Brush features soft steel bristles that are strong enough for effective BBQ cleaning, but also soft enough not to scratch your cooking grate. Designed by Weber - the BBQ experts, this hard wearing brush will help you keep your BBQ clean and ready to cook the most delicious food. Greasy grates will eventually suffer from uneven heat distribution and flare-ups. These are heavy duty brushes with strong bamboo handles. They come with a notched scraper to help get rid of baked on juices and grease. They also feature a handy hanger for easy storage.

  • Soft steel bristles
  • Strong bamboo handle
  • Notched scraper
  • Won't damage grate
  • Height: 12in
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Material: Steel & bamboo

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